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CONTRACT CONDITIONS: 1. RESERVATIONS AND quote COSTOSEsta has a written confirmation within three (3) days at least, after receiving the quote. Should not be confirmed at this time, the hotel may have the room. If you need additional time, please contact directly with the executive encargada.En confirm if the event, remember to send prior to the date, a confirmation letter. This can be faxed to (+57 2) 6606851 or by e-mail and All changes and requirements regarding food, beverage, audiovisual aids and # people; must be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be invoiced as agreed in the budget calculated in the price. The hotel has parking available for guests, customers, visitors and Valet parking worth $ 5000 pesos, on alternate parking available.The hotel is not responsible for objects or items such as computers, audio and video equipment, bags , cell etc., remaining in the classroom, if they are not already listed in the security department hotel.2. FORM PAGOCréditoSi your current company owns the Hotel, "NOW account" the event must be paid fifteen (15) days after the event took place. Not have account opened, will attach the format must be fully completed for the study of credit and opening cuenta.ContadoPara confirm and guarantee your event must make a deposit of 50% of the total budget of 50 event.The quote remaining% will cancel the day the event takes place. Similarly, any additional consumption that has not been provided within this cotización.Los Payments can be made by bank transfer: IN FAVOR: HOTEL NOW SABANCOLOMBIA ACCOUNT: 160543855-8O can make the deposit directly to our hotel in cash or credit card. You must send a copy of such deposit or transfer to FAX (+57 2) 6606851 or by e-mail,, or personally deliver to the executive who attended him, with in order to withstand the reserva.3. CANCELLATION RESERVASLa booking cancellation must be notified to the hotel at least 72 hours prior to the event, otherwise 50% of the total budget in the quotation will be charged.

Now Hotel Cali
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