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DECORATION The space will be decorated with candle holders and confetti. Additional decorations must be paid 12 hours in advance of the event.

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1 Decoration Centerpiece $ 40,000 cop

1 Helium Balloon $ 40,000 cop

2 Decoration Centerpieces $ 80.000 cop

2 Helium Balloons $ 80.000 cop

3 Decoration Centerpieces $ 120,000 cop

3 Helium Balloons $ 120,000 cop

BOOKING POLICY POOL BAR Hotel will confirm availability via mail to users. Reservations are taken only until 830pm and will be held 30 minutes after the appointed reservation time. BOOKINGS can be modified according to Facility needs but will be promptly informed to the customer. Any reservation of more than 20 people must be guaranteed with a cash or credit advance. Candles and confetti are offered at no cost for this type of reservations, however any additional decorations, like flower arrangements and balloons are offered by the hotel at additional cost (40,000 COP flower arrangement / 40,000 COP for 8 helium balloons) upon request. Additional decorations must be paid in advance. If the client wishes to bring own decorations, this must be comply with the hotels aesthetic parameters such as color, image and style. Liquor brought from outside the hotel is not permitted in the premises. Weapons and firearms, Bodyguards, Drugs and minors are not allowed inside the hotel. Any live acts and presentations, without prior notice or authorization are not allowed inside the hotel. Reservations have not cost. In case of full space reservation by a client, the hotel can rearrange reservations according to facility needs. Cash advances and deposits are not returned. Intoxicated and drunk individuals might not be allowed in. This space offers service until 3am.

Now Hotel Cali
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