Reservations Iro Bar


  • IRO BAR RESERVATION POLICIES All reservations will be confirmed by the hotel to ensure availability to users by email.
  • The reservations are only made until 20:30 and are stored 30 minutes after the stipulated time without exception.
  • By policies of the establishment, the reservations requested may be modified according to the needs of the establishment, which will be informed to the client.
  • Any reservation that reaches 20 people must be guaranteed with an advance, the hotel offers decoration service consisting of brisero, candle center and confetti at no cost, additional decorations such as flower centerpieces or balloon decoration with Helium have an additional cost, the decoration of flower arrangement (centerpiece) has a value of $ 40,000 the decoration with helium balloons has a value of $ 40,000 (2 trees each with 4 balloons) the request for additional decoration should be Supported by prepayment or credit card backing, only decorations brought by the client will be allowed to comply with hotel conditions such as colors, style and image of not allowing the entrance of liquor that is outside the hotel.
  • It is totally prohibited the entrance of arms and escort personnel to any of our facilities, it is totally prohibited the consumption of hallucinogens inside the facilities, of the entrance of minors is not allowed, the presentation of groups is not allowed Or live presentations without prior authorization, the reservations have no cost, have a cost at the time of total exclusivity of the space, the accommodation will be arranged according to the needs of the establishment in the case of leaving credits, hotel refrains from making money back, No entry is allowed to persons in a state of drunkenness, the service in this space is until 12 a.m.